Integrative Holistic Healing

Treating the whole person with integrated therapies aligned with their needs. Everything can heal if we are willing, mind, body and spirit.

Chronic Pain    Anxiety    Trauma    Stress    Exhaustion 

All sessions are a partnership of highest integrity with an intention for self realization and a return to balance. These sessions offer guidance with conscious awareness, personal empowerment, healing trauma, liberation, forgiveness, and support with moving forward. Intuitive healing connects with your deep inner wisdom and helps guide the aspects of your life into alignment with the core of who you are. The aspects of mind, body, and spirit in harmonious alignment.

Holistic Services:

Sessions can be focused on the mind, body, or spirit, or any combination of the three. We identify which area is most out of tune with your nature and bring it into balance. Usually, one shift naturally leads to the next area that needs attention and off we go.

Rehabilitative Bodywork: restoring balance & alignment to the physical body.

Reiki / Reconnection / Energy Work:  gently clears, restores and balances the energetic centers and systems. Clearing, collection and redirection of the human energy field.

Cranial Sacral Balancing: detects and releases traumas, allows deep unwinding and restores harmony and balance on all levels.

Intuitive Healing & Facilitation: connects with the deep inner wisdom of the client and is as individualized as the person.

B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Syncronization Technique): Clears and neutralizes dysfunctional patterns in the subconscious.

Ministerial Services:

Spiritual Guidance

Therapeutic Prayer & Blessings

Wedding Ceremonies

Memorial Services