I first came to Renee in the hopes of getting some relief of the symptoms of PTSD. Three years later, not only has my PTSD eased far beyond what I thought was possible, but together we’ve taken on the underlying cause. Renee has unflinchingly helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse and emotional and physical trauma.
This is serious and effective therapy in every sense of the word. While some of Renee’s methods differ from more traditonal therapy, they are key to her ability to help and heal. No games or mumbo-jumbo.
If you are member of the tribe of abused and traumatized and don’t know where to turn I highly recommend reaching out to Renee. You will understand when I tell you she is safe. Most of all you know what I mean when I say Renee gets it. Renee gets it.

Tim M

Renee you are amazing! Not 5 hours after you did the clearing and blessing in my house did the potential renters sign the lease! You have helped me and so many of my friends through life’s tough spots. Thank you for your guidance and your beautiful touch, and heart. I’m so grateful
?? Monika G.

I have a serious heart condition and a defibrillator that has shocked me quite a few times. The shocks have given me PTSD at times rendering it difficult for me to function in daily life. By the time I saw Renee I was pretty much at the end of my rope and not wanting to be on earth anymore. I have seen many practitioners and I have never had such amazing results as I had with Renee. After only a month I had about an 80% improvement with the PTSD. After 6 months I was doing better than I had been in years. She is absolutely amazing. When she is doing Reiki on me I can feel energy and visions come to me. I also had a knee that was bothering me for 3 months and I hadn’t said anything. It got to the point that I probably needed to see a doctor but instead I mentioned it to her. She worked on it in one session and within 3 days the pain was gone and never returned. She is a miracle worker. She is also an excellent counselor. Never have I had a practitioner that spent so much time with me and genuinely cared and listened. There are those moments in life when people come across your path that you just know was a gift and meant to be. Renee is one of those people for me. I am forever grateful to her for being in my life.I mean every word of this, Renee. Thank you so much!! 🙂  Angel

When I first met Renee, I was consuming over 3,500 calories and weighed over 265Lbs. I was prediabetic and knew something had to change. I was constantly hungry and couldn’t control the urge to overeat. As I began apply what Renee taught, my body began to communicate what it desired as well as the quantity. Literally without effort I began to feel my body become more efficient and in sync. I started losing weight as if a switch had been turned off. Without any exercise I lost about 4 lbs a week.
Renee also did this really cool thing that released me from past beliefs and misconceptions. After only 4 weeks I began an indescribable transformation from the inside out. I slowly began to understand how to effectively communicate with my body and discover inner peace. Instead of fighting myself I began to love and appreciate who I was.
I realize that my results may be different than yours and you would be correct. You are not me nor am I You…. That is precisely why I recommend Renee, she will help you find the blockage that has prevented you from attaining your goals. I believe Renee can help you in other areas as well just remember to have an open mind and apply what she tells you!!
Thanks Renee for everything…
Rich in Phoenix

I don’t know what you did, but my bladder infection was gone from when you worked on me and it’s still gone. I am still taking extra garlic just to make sure. Thanks so much.

Janet, Mesa

So, guess she wasn’t conscious of your presence, but she was a changed woman, and I’m convinced it was your visit that did it. Thank you!!! I’m in awe of your abilities, and I know you’ve spent alot of time and energy developing them.

Sue, San Tan Valley